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Status: Registration closed

Total Teams Registered: 6

Registration is now closed for this event. If you have questions, please contact the Event Coordinator.

Graduator Rocket Body

   LOC IV Rocket Body

Teams Currently Registered:

American Bears
Apollo 8
Athena Takes to Mayall
Atom Bomb
Bacon Boy II
Bag O Skittles
Bishop Ludden 1 Tetris 2019
Bishop Ludden Roscosmos
Bishop Ludden 3 Crab Nebula
Bishop Ludden 4 The Planets are Aligned
Bishop Ludden 5 The Sophomores of Ludden
Bishop Ludden 6 Ross. Bob Ross. Obviously!
BSA Troop 18 Cazenovia
Cool and Caffeinated
Cool name pending
Crazy Eights
Danforth EAGLES
Dark Phoenix
East of the Equator
Explorers of the Unknown
Fake Nukes
Fallen Night
Fire Storm
Flying Flamingo
Follow the Leader
Full Medal Jackets
Galaxy Divers
Galaxy Girls
Glamorous Glennis
Golden Tornadoes
Hornet X Rocketry
Hyperloop Eggways
Intergalactic Snot Rocket
It's launch time!
It's not a team, it's a life style
Large Magellanic Cloud
Lasallian Stallions
Lightning Chickens!
Lincoln STEAM Engines
Llamas Pajamas
Lost In Space
Low Gravity
Mango_Dragonfruit Refresher with Lemonade
Manhattan Project
Mission to Mars
Montessori Froggies
Negative Space
Neil deGrasse Tysonettes
Newton Defier's
Odd Squad
Phoenix 02
Planet Reachers 8
Rock It to the Sky
Sally Smithers
Saved by the parachute
Shark Bait
Sky High
Sleeping Unicorns
Southside Hawks 1
Southside Hawks 2
Space Gravy
Space Jam
Space Pirates
SpaceX: Asteroids
Stonehedge Smashers
Super Nova
Team Takeoff
The 3 Rockettes
The Athenic Voyagers
The Brass Men
The Flaming Rocket
The International Rocketeers
The M.A.P's Rocket Launchers
The Meme Team
The Sharks
The Soda System (TSS)
The Star Reachers
The Stardust Crusaders
Thunder N' Fire
Total Destruction
Trumansburg Rocketry Team
USA Savers
West Genesee Writers